Home Staging

Home Staging Toronto is the art of merchandising homes for sale. Chic Home Plan thoroughly studies and understands each neighbourhood and property demographics prior to designing the entire project. Therefore, they are able to gear the overall look, feel and vibe of your property through carefully chosen furniture and accessories which will match your home’s unique demographic.

Many different techniques are used in the home staging process. It is very detailed and it all comes down to appealing to the specific buyer in the particular neighbourhood your home is located in. There are many steps that go into staging a home:

The first steps involve eliminating any clutter and giving the property a thorough cleaning job. This includes the interior of the home (such as cleaning up things scattered around, decor) as well as the exterior of the home (such as weeds, your curb appeal). Buyers wants to walk into a space that they can see themselves living in. If they come across items that are personalized, it will make it very hard to visualize the space as potentially becoming there own. Removing personal touches will give potential buyers the ability to picture themselves living there. Ideally, you want the buyers to objectively look at the house and not be distracted by the people presently living there. Not everyone has the same taste, yet there are certain colours that generally appeal to the majority. For example, you would be more likely to find buyers who are more attracted to a neutral tan rather than bright colours such as orange. It would be advised to make any necessary changes in your colour palette if it is very vibrant. If you’ve already vacated your home and moved into your new one, you’ll likely have taken all of your possessions with you, this is including furniture. But leaving your home barren will not help the buyers visualize how the space used to be. Chic Home Plan will furnish and decorate your empty home exactly the way buyers in your neighbourhood expect to see homes. If your home is vacant, you do not necessarily have to furnish and stage each and every room in the house. The most important factor will be looking at the property and choosing the rooms that will benefit the most from professional home staging. There are a few key rooms in particular the should be focused on such as the kitchen living room, dining room, master bedroom and master bathroom. However, you may want to warrant further attention to other rooms as well for maximum effect.

Chic Home Plan’s members have spent years honing this craft and perfecting this skill. Let them help stage your home, and you will definitely be impressed with how it turns out!